Should You Eat When You're Not Hungry? Study Says 'No'

Dieters are usually advised to stick to a meal schedule, and not to skip meals. Those who skip breakfast tend to get the worst of the criticism-- it is, after all, the 'most important meal of the day.’ Many sources tell diabetics in particular that leaving the house without a bite can throw off blood sugar levels for the entire day.

New research suggests this advice might not be the case.

The Study

A study published in the 'Journal of the Association for Consumer Research' says that eating when you're not hungry may be bad for your health.

Undergraduate students rated their hunger and then were given a high carbohydrate meal whether they were hungry or not. The hungrier the subject was before a meal, the lower their blood sugar levels were likely to be after a meal.

What It Means

A mechanism in your metabolism normally makes hunger increase when your body is in need of energy. If you're not hungry, it could simply mean your body doesn't need the fuel.

According to the study authors, ignore the advice and skip a meal or snack if you don't want it. "Skip dinner if you're not hungry," the they wrote. "Eating when not hungry causes your blood sugar to spike."

Photo: Woman's Day