All-Diabetic Pro Cycling Team Competes in Tour of Britain

A group of cyclists in the Tour of Britain has something unique in common: they are all type 1 diabetics. Dubbed Team Type 1 Novo Nordisk, they will participate in the grueling 125-mile race spanning eight days.

Founders Phil Southerland and Joe Eldridge started the team back in 2005. They both have type 1 diabetes. And so do the other 16 members of the team who hail from different countries spanning the globe. More than just cyclists, these men are committed to the cause. As the website states, "We are Team Type 1, we fight for the right to live and for equal access to education for everyone affected by type 1 diabetes. Global access to medicine, education and empowerment by 2021.”

So, how do they race and manage their diabetes? Team members wear glucose monitors while racing in order to monitor blood sugar levels. During races, they stop periodically on the side of the road to inject insulin. Some riders need as many as three or four shots per race. Although they sometimes get strange looks from other cyclists, most riders are extremely supportive, said Southerland. It’s great to see that type 1 diabetes isn’t slowing this team down. Keep on rolling guys!

Photo: News Wire